Field Trial season 2015/2016

This year we started field trials with Aidan…

In November we had an entry to FT in Laukaa, Finland.. Four retrieves and in last drive he decided to ran in!!! But it was very nice experience, thankyou to judges Lydia Goossens and Reima Ronkainen.

Fourth retrieve in Laukaa
Fourth retrieve in Laukaa

Then few weeks later we had entry again but there is not much to tell.. We were eyewiped with first retrieve…

Then in January we travelled to Czech for International Field Trial!
On first day we had five nice retrieves, they could be even better with better handler and in the end we had GOOD from that trial!!

FT Czech
FT Czech
Fourth retrieve
Fourth retrieve

Second day we were kicked out with our second bird, Aidan went into wrong area and took the bird from there… Judges were Roy Tomlinson and Fons Exelmans.

Next year we hopefully get more entries and we´ll see how we do then!! :) Before that we concentrate in training!!

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