Carl-Philipillä on pentuja / Carl-Philip has puppies!!

Omat pentusuunnitelmamme menevät jonnekin ensi vuodelle mutta Sidewild Northern Frost ‘Carl-Philip’ sai pentuja Quinella´s -kenneliin lokakuussa! Vapaana siellä vielä pari urospentua, tiedustelut suoraan Marko Klapurille Quinella´s kenneliin.

Our puppyplans are not confirmed yet, maybe some time next year we will have new Sidewilds.. But Sidewild Northern Frost ‘Carl-Philip’ got puppies in Quinella´s kennel in October! Couple male puppies still available, inquiries to Marko Klapuri Quinella´s labradors.

Male puppy <3
Male puppy <3

Male pup <3

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